1979 Kawasaki Z1R

Show Stopper Z1R!

This beautiful Resto-Mod Z1R was built by our good friend Richard who is one of our crew members..  Richard is a Master Machinist and does a lot of our more intricate machining and milling work. Richard has a great eye for clean lines and great looks. This Z1R is the perfect example of Art on 2 wheels!  Nice work Richard!


1975 CB400R

The Devil is in the Detail!

This awesome 75 Honda  CB400-4R  was built by another one of our crew members Steve who has built many a winning show bike. Many hours went into this build which features  a lot of great parts like: CR29 race carbs, Webb race cams, Carrillo Rods, fully race ported head and a Moto GP Werks race pipe.  This little rocket ship cranks out 80 H.P. at thre crank.  After broken in, it Dyno'ed  64.6 H.P.  at the rear wheel!  Great build Steve!


1972 Kawasaki 750 H2

Another Awesome Build!

This awesome 1972 Kawasaki 750 H2  Resto-Mod is very nicely done where the original look of the Bike has not been changed but as you can see in the photos, a lot of nice upgrades have been made to rocket ship on 2 wheels.  The engine is fully built by Fast by Gast, a well know name when it comes to hi-performance 2 stroke builds and uses their signature Lectron Carbs. I really like the  stainless steel spoked aluminum wider rims along with the more aggressive Avon AM26 Tires. The spokes give  it that authentic period look and I also like the fact that the rear wheel retains the factory rear drum brake with with upgraded front dual drilled disc brakes.  The all black Pro-Mod Pipes Expansion Chambers fit this build nicely. The upgraded polished aluminum swing-arm with YSS Piggy-Back Shocks are also a nice touch.  All  in all, this is an absolute clean and great looking build!   You have to love these old Kawi  2-Stroke Triples!