KZ1000R ELR / S1 Replica Custom Motorcycles

Old School 80's Big Green Machine!

One of the most iconic bikes from the early 80's was the Kawasaki KZ1000 "Big Green Machine" that was made famous by a rising young star named  Eddie Lawson when AMA Super Bike Racing was all the rage in the early 80's. After winning his 1st AMA Super Bike Title on his Rob Muzzy tuned KZ1000, the bike was shipped back to Japan where the Kawasaki Engineers came up with the KZ1000S1, a Factory Race version for the 1982 season, which proved to be potent as  Eddie won his 2nd  AMA Super Bike Title  in 1982.  Only 30  or so were imported into the US for AMA Super Bike Racing and were not available to the general public.  A few were shipped back out of the country with another handful being parted for parts.  It's estimated that there are 15 or so in  North America. The last known sale of an original S1  was on Ebay back in late 2013 and sold for $107k.  Also in 1982 Kawasaki not letting a good opportunity pass them by,  launched a Replica Bike as a tribute to Eddie Lawson's success in 1981.  The  KZ1000R ELR was introduced in 1982 and again in 1983 with a total production for  both years of only 750 bikes.  There you have some history on this famed Big Green Machine.  VSB Moto is building Replica Custom Motorcycles that will resemble the 82 KZ1000R, but will have a lot of S1 Replica performance parts on it.  We have decided to do a  Blog  on our 1000R-S1  Replica  Build.   We have been able to collect some hard to find period correct pieces along with sourcing some hard to find "Made in Japan" S1 Replica parts. We're hoping that our build will turn out to be an awesome S1 Replica. Please Note: the above photo of #21 1000R-ELR-S1  Replica is not our build and all credits go to the owner and or the photographer.  We hope that you enjoy  our build and subscribe to our Blog as we will do our best to update it regularly.  Thanks again!   VSB Moto January 23, 2019

Our "New S1 ELR Build" Blog

Welcome to our first VSB Moto Blog.  We are excited about doing a Blog on our next Build which has been in the works for a few years now and we're finally already to start building.    We hope you will enjoy it and will subscribe and follow our progress on this build throughout the year. Thanks again!