Thank you for visiting  Vintage Super Bikes . Com  or  VSB Moto . Com.   We originally launched our Vintage Super Bikes . Com Website back in the fall of 2014 and after 4 years and ten of thousands of visitors, we felt it was time to update our Website to have a more modern look along with adding a  2nd shorter URL  "VSB Moto . Com".   There's much to see here, so please take your time and have a look around and learn more about our passion for 2 wheels and what we do.   This Website is a work in progress,  we plan to add a lot more content in the coming months.   We hope you enjoy our site along with the many photos &  if you like, please take a moment  & send us a quick note.  Thanks again for visiting with us!  VSB Moto  November 25,  2018    


1st Place, Best in Show in the Level 3 Cafe Builders Class!

This first weekend of January  2020,  we took home 1st place at the Toronto International Motorcycle Super Show in our Cafe Builders Class for Best in show!  We would like to thank everyone who supported us and would also like to congratulate all of the other winners in our class and at the show!  Our Katana build has now won two 1st's, a 2nd and a 3rd at 4 different Motorcycle shows in the last 24 months.  We would like to thank the thousands of visitors who took the time to visit & say hello & view our builds!

About VSB Moto

Who We Are

We  are a  group of long  time good friends  who  share the same passion for 2 wheels. We were all inspired by the early 80's AMA Super Bikes that raced back in the day.   We love to Build,  Ride  &  Vintage Race  &  we are located just North of Toronto. 

What We Do

Our Group consists of licensed  technicians,  machinists, welders and skilled fabricators.   We also own a collection  of amazing bikes from Ducati's  to vintage Honda's.  Our specialty is building Resto-mod  80's AMA inspired Super Bikes for the street that pay homage to the original great looks and designs, incorporating modern suspensions, brakes  along with  Hi-performance engines

What's Available

We are commissioning the build of 4  Pro-Street Katana's. Our 1st  of 4 builds as featured on our Home Page is now available for Sale.   We have started our 2nd build which should be available for  mid to late  2019.  We are almost ready to start the assembly on our  S-1  ELR Race Replica which should be available for mid 2019. We plan to post photos of our S-1 build shortly.   We also make available some specialty hard to find items that we needed for our own builds that we fabricated or had to source.


Rare 1968 MV Augusta 350-3 Factory Racer

The Real Deal!

This Factory MV Agusta 350cc 3-Cylinder is the real deal and was one of a number of Factory Race Bikes in MV's Race stable ridden by the famed Giacomo Agostini back in 1968.  This same year  Agostini won  both the 350cc & 500cc Grand Prix Championships & would repeat this amazing feat 4 more times for a record of 5  consecutive years where  Agostini won both Championships.  This piece  of history is raced regularly at a number of Vintage Racing Events in Canada &  the USA and is piloted by the owner Dave Roper who is still fast on this Factory Grand Prix Racer, which has a very unique sound. It's great to see this bike on the track!

MV's 350 Grand Prix Bike

To view more photo's of this MV 350, click on the button below. Normally any bike of this pedigree and history worth close to 7 figures would be in a museum locked up and would never see the light

of day at a race track. Lucky for us Dave loves to race!



Magni "Italian Custom Motorcycle Builder"

Just like the Country of Italy,  MAGNI also has a rich History steeped in Tradition,  located near  Milano.  

MAGNI has been building Custom Motorcycles for over 40 Years! Check out their photos "New Retro News"


Click below to view  Photo's  of  MAGNI's  New 750S TRIBUTO  Motorcycle!


MV Agusta Concept displayed at Eicma 2018

MV AGUSTA SUPERVELOCE 800 Concept Retro Design

Neoclassic Design    Definition;  "belonging or pertaining to a revival of classic styles or something that is held to resemble classic styles".  Holding true to this definition, it would appear that MV AGUSTA has nailed it again! Last week (Nov. 5-11) MV AGUSTA displayed it's new  SUPERVELOCE 800  which is a preproduction concept that will be made available in mid 2019.   Lets hope that  MV AGUSTA's  production version of this  classic 70's racer, look & styling is not far off  it's concept as shown at this years EICMA  2018 Show in Milan, Italy.


View our Photo Gallery on this Bike!

More information & photos are available on our New Retro News page on this exciting Concept!


WSM New 2019 Super Bike

Walt Siegl Motorcycles "WSM" latest offering for 2019


WSM’s Tag Line says it all   “Walt Siegl  Designs Contemporary High Performance Motorcycles with Timeless Styling”. VSB Moto is privileged to feature photos of WSM’s New Custom Super Bike. It’s available for the street or the track with 2 basic engines, a 4 valve liquid cooled or a 2 valve air cooled. Walt’s passion for motorcycles is evident as WSM’s latest offering confirms it.


View our Photo Gallery on this Bike!

More information & photos are available on our New Retro News page on this exciting new WSM Super Bike!


VSB Moto 2018 Pro-Street Katana Build

Katana # 1 All Finished & Ready For Sale!


This  project  started 7 years ago on paper when  I decided  to commission a build for a more  modern  Pro-Street  version of the original  Katana, without  changing  the great original  lines of this iconic  bike.  The  real story started in my head over 35 years ago   when  the  Katana made  its debut,  there were  so many  things I  liked  about  this  new  Katana  and so many  things I was not so crazy  about.  I always  thought  to myself,  if  I    ever build a Katana, I'm going to make some changes. Fast forward and this build is my    modern vision of what I have been thinking about for years and  I have to tell,  I am very      happy with the way my Katana build turned out!  I used an original period CALFAB swing



-arm  which extended wheel  base from the stock  59.8”  to  61.3”.  The extra  1.5”  longer wheel  base really helps to keep the front  end  down under hard acceleration from the 180/55 rear tire with almost  150 H.P.  at the rear wheel.  The fully built  1135R  puts out approx.  180 H.P. at the crank and is a real blast to wind out.  This Katana  was built  for the street with performance & comfort in mind.  With a higher rear tail, modern suspension,

17” wheels along with a steering head mounted Ohlin’s  damper,  the longer wheel base has little to no effect on the razor sharp handling.  Some highlights  include: Fully Braced Frame,  over-sized  oil cooler,  custom  rear exhaust  hanger,  custom wiring with a fully modern  under-seat  mounted digital electronics  package with RFID  Key Fob Ignition Switch.  Topping off  the list,  is a Custom Designed Black and Silver (simulated carbon  fiber) Seat Cover to complement  the classic Wes Cooley inspired Custom Paint Scheme. 



In 2018 we took 2nd place in our Builder’s Class at the Toronto International Motorcycle Super Show and we placed  3rd overall at the Barber Vintage Festival Weekend  Ace Café Corner Motorcycle Show.  We are planning to show it  again in April  at  the 2019  Toronto Spring  Motorcycle  Show.  While  showing our Pro-Street  Katana  I have met and spoken with thousands of  bike enthusiasts  who absolutely love my build,  it’s been an awesome experience  meeting and speaking with so many likeminded  people.  My plan is to build a total  of 4  Pro-Street  Katana’s  all  similar to my  1st  build as showcased  here on our site, which is now complete and  available for sale.   Thanks  for having a look at our build and please  follow  us on  Instagram @vsbmoto   or subscribe to our New 1000R-S1 Build Blog. 

Thank you Mondo Lulu for Photographing our Katana  mondodzgn@gmail.com

VSB Moto 

November 6, 2018    �

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