New 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS

2018 News from Japan

With the launch of their new retro Z900RS, Kawasaki commissioned three of the leading aftermarket design houses in Japan to create their own custom version of the new Z900RS.  Kawasaki provided pre-production models to Bito R&D, Doremi and Moto Corse who are revered in the custom motorcycle world in Japan and around the world.

Bito R&D from Toyooka, Hyogo Japan with world famous tuner Jo Bito added a set of his JB Magtan Wheels along with a gorgeous hand bent pipe. Doremi is another famous supplier of aftermarket custom parts. Hiroshi Take of Doremi Collection was thinking more of racing and functionality with a faithful re-imagining of the famous Yoshimura Z1 raced by Wes Cooley back in the day by going with a  matte black 4 into 4 exhaust system similar to Cooley's Z1.  Moto Corse who is a leading custom house in Japan for Italian motorcycles. Shin Kondo went for more of an exclusive look using lots of carbon with upgraded wheels, suspension, brakes along with a gorgeous 4 into 1 exhaust system. 

From these three Japanese tuners its clear there will be no shortage of great custom parts and accessories for Kawasaki's new Z900RS.  Other well known Japanese Tuners like Yoshimura and K-Factory have also started to release all kinds of parts and accessories including full exhaust systems for the new Z900RS.  With the success of Kawasaki's new Retro offering,  you can be certain there will be many more Tuners soon offering new parts accessories for the Z900RS.  Kawasaki has done an incredible job with their new Z900RS, offering of a number of models which includes a cafe version.  Congratulations to Kawasaki for tapping into the desires of their loyal customers and giving them what they want!

VSB Moto

October 17, 2018

Kawasaki Z900RS

Kawasaki Z900RS

New 2019 Suzuki Katana 1000

2018 News from INTERMOT

 When Suzuki first released the Katana back in 1981, it polarized motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. You either loved it or you hated it were the two most common initial feelings back in the day.  After years of rumors, in 2017 at EICMA held in Milan Italy, Suzuki displayed a concept version of what a modern day Katana might look like. Once again, it was polarizing which led Suzuki back to it's design studio for further development.  In early October 2018 at INTERMOT held in Cologne Germany, Suzuki officially unveiled it's new production version of the Suzuki Katana 1000.  As you can see in the photos, this latest Katana version has evolved into a Retro Modern Design rumored to be soon available  as a 2019 model.  This modern day  version of the Katana has sharp design lines around the front cowling with a unique compact fairing design adopting a square head light with tank scoops.  The tail section design is shorter almost appearing to be cafe racer inspired with a dry weight coming in at 473 lbs (215 kg). 

It would appear Suzuki's new Katana shares many components with its GSX-S1000F model using larger front and rear tires along with a more comfortable suspension. The early specifications are showing a powerful 999 cc liquid cooled engine based on a street tuned version of Suzuki's famed 2005-2008 GSX-R1000 engine which has a longer stroke, delivering  a balance of low to mid range torque well suited for street riding.  This new re-tuned 2005-2008 GSX-R1000 engine has a claimed output of 148 H.P. and  80 lbf/ft of torque with a solid reputation for reliability and delivering plenty of power and has won a number of championships. 

With a higher handle bar height, riders can enjoy sport bike style riding with tourer friendly seating position on this new Suzuki Katana design.  The front end includes 43mm KYB Inverted front forks with Radial 4 piston Brembo front calipers. A custom 4-2-1 Exhaust System was designed specifically for this new Katana and is neatly tucked away.  Suzuki's new Katana will feature  a TFT Color LCD Display along with powerful electronics such as 3 level traction control and ABS.  There may be some final changes when the  final production Katana model hits the show room floors.  Earlier this year Suzuki filed Trademark Registration for Katana in Europe, Japan and the USA for accessories and promotional items. Suzuki already had Katana trademarked in these same countries as a vehicle.  This tells us Suzuki is preparing for a serious battle in the growing Retro Modern Motorcycle market place.

All in all I think Suzuki has done a decent job at paying homage to a legend, but still offering a new and exciting updated version of this iconic brand!  Wishing Suzuki continues success with their new Katana in 2019.

VSB Moto  

October 21, 2018


2017 Concept Honda TR1100

Additional Past Retro-Concept Shown in 2016 at EICMA in Milan, Italy

 Honda introduces their " Flat Track Racing Inspired " Concept  Bike at this November EICMA Show in Milan, Italy.  This concept bike  came out of Honda's Italian Design Group based in Rome. It has a racing  bias design more for the street. The # 58 plate was used to honor the  memory of famed Italian Moto GP Rider Marco Simoncelli, who passed  away  5 year's now & was one of Italy's rising stars in Moto GP, who is  greatly missed!

Although it has the look of a Dirt Track Racer from the USA, notice the  Pirelli Diablo Slicks mounted on to a gorgeous set of forged Aluminum  Marchesini M7RR Genesi Racing Wheels. Also used are Ohlins Suspension, Brembo Calipers on the front  and a Nissin Caliper on the rear. The icing on the cake is the beautiful Custom  Termignoni Exhaust System.  If this TR1100 sounds only half as good as the Exhaust System looks, imagine?

Let's hope this will be a trend for Honda's awe inspiring concept bikes  and hopefully Honda will introduce a new street version at some point in the future of their exciting TR1100 Concept.  I hope you like it as well!  

VSB Moto 


2019 MV Agusta Superveloce 800 Concept

Due to be released in Mid 2019

MV AGUSTA, located in Northern Italy in the city of Varese,  is the other Italian Motorcycle Manufacturer that offers some of the most exciting and cutting edge designs available anywhere in the world today with their roots dating back to 1907.  Originally founded as an Aeronautical Company,  in 1945 they transitioned into a motorcycle manufacturer.  Throughout the 60's & 70's they were a power house in motorcycle racing with 37 World Titles as a Constructor, 270 Grand Prix Titles and 3028 Championships on the Podium with a number of famous riders, the likes of Mike Hailwood, Phil Read and Giacomo Agostini.  MV AGUSTA has had their ups and downs over the years but has managed to become  a world class motorcycle manufacturer with a focus, more on exclusive designs and quality instead of quantity.   In 1993 CRC (Castiglioni Research Centre) was born as MV AGUSTA's  R&D arm for Design & Development located in the Republic of San Marino.  CRC has helped to propel MV AGUSTA to the top of their game with a very bright future a head for this iconic Italian Brand.

Other than seeing is believing, few details were made available on this new and exciting SUPERVELOCE 800 Concept,  it's based on the proven MV AGUSTA  F3 800 Series Sport  Bike.   Hopefully when released for mid next year,  it will hold true to this concept and will have the same engine currently in their 800RR which has a 140 H.P. or more.   We love the look of the single sided swing arm with the 3 pipes along with the updated classic 70's look of the fairing with LED lights at both ends.  This concept also incorporates a rear sub-frame that converts from Single Seat to a Double Seat configuration.  We really like MV AGUSTA's new SUPERVELOCE 800 concept and we expect this 2019 model to be a huge success!  We would also like to thank MV AGUSTA for the uses of these beautiful photos and wish them continued success!

VSB Moto 

November 13, 2018


Walt Siegl Motorcycles “WSM” New 2019 Super Bike

WSM 2019 Super Bike, Now Available for Custom Order!


After moving to America 33 years ago and building bikes as a hobby, friends started asking Walt to modify and build bikes for them.   As Walt’s name gained notoriety in the world of custom bike building, this is when Walt decided to turn his hobby into a full time venture.


In 2007 Walt Siegl relocated his family  &  shop to Southern New Hampshire to pursue his passion for building custom motorcycles full time.  Walt is somewhat of a mix of Engineer, Designer and Craftsman and with a keen reputation for meticulous workmanship;  Walt’s builds are second to none!  WSM designs and builds in-house their own frames made from chromoly steel tubing, along with their own custom exhaust systems. When used with today’s modern suspension, brakes and other hi-performance components and when you add in Walt’s contemporary designs; you have a recipe for a clean looking classic motorcycle look, a winning combination!

WSM’s first production model in 2010, called the “LEGGERO” is based on a Ducati air cooled L-Twin engine and is a gorgeous example of timeless design and art on 2 wheels.  In 2015,  WSM launched its second production bike called the “BOL D’Or” based on M.V. Augusta’s liquid cooled in-line 3 cylinder engine.  Shortly afterwards, WSM introduced its third model, the “ADVENTURE” for all-terrain use.

WSM can offer full custom builds or custom versions of their LEGGERO, BOL D’OR, ADVENTURE & now in 2019, Walt and his team have done it again with the introduction of WSM’s New World Class Super Bike!

For more information on Walt Siegl Motorcycles,  please click on the link and check out WSM’s Website and specifications on their new Super Bike. Congratulations Walt for another amazing build!                  

Photography Courtesy of Gregory George Moore  @gregorygeorgemoore

VSB Moto 

December 29, 2018

Learn More By Visiting WSM Website

Click on the link below and visit  Walt Siegl Motorcycles to learn more about  WSM's  new Superbike. Have a look at the awesome photo gallery of their other builds as well.

MAGNI in 2019

"Still Building Great Rides After 40 Years"

This past March, I  had the good fortune to visit and meet with the two Magni brothers Giovanni (glasses)  &  Carlo who are carrying on the family business of building great rides. They went into business with their famous father Arturo Magni after he retired in 1977.  Arturo began his career back in 1947 with Gilera Racing under the guidance of world renown  Piero Remor known for designing the famed  4 Cylinder D.H.C. Gilera Race Engine.  In 1950 Arturo joined MV Agusta's newly  formed Racing division until his retirement in 1977.  Motorcycles & Racing was in their father's blood & under his watch as the Chief of MV  Reparto Corsa, the Team won 75 World Championships, winning over 3,000 races with riders the likes of John Surtees, Mike Hailwood, Provini Ubbiali and world renown Giacomo Agostini.   They started off with building  custom versions of existing production models. Later they went on to build their own custom motorcycles based on MV's,  Guzzi's,  Honda's  & Suziki's  & they produced thousands of motorcycles over the 40+ years. Their father Arturo passed away in 2015 at  90 years young & lived an amazing life full of passion for 2 wheels, family & life.  Among building  customs and restoring classic  MV Agusta's, their main focus today  is building a tribute motorcycle based on MV's famous 1970 to 1974 750 S Sport called  the MAGNI 750 S Tributo. This motorcycle  has classic Italian design & styling with spoked wheels.  Magni builds the custom aluminum tank and custom frame in-house, powered by a modern day liquid cooled 3 cylinder MV 800cc engine.  With the long standing family relationship with  MV,  it was a natural choice. The focus is now more on quality & not quantity.  They build  up to 50  motorcycles per year which ensures their customers receive a true custom  hand  built  ride made in Italy!  For information on Magni and the great  motorcycles they build,  please email Giovanni at  or below, link to their website. 

VSB Moto   April  4, 2019

We would like to thank Alessandro Olgiati for the wonderful Photo's. Alessandro can be reached through his website: